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Thanks to Lizz at DJ Archer Photography for sharing these fab little pieces of advice on making sure we all look amazing in our wedding photographs!

"There are loads of ways to look your best on your wedding day. A well fitted dress, beautiful hair and make up, a made to measure suit, but do you wonder how you can make sure that your photos will show off your best features?

Here are 5 EASY TIPS on how to pose for your pictures:


The first and most important thing is to relax. Your whole body posture changes shape when you relax and it really shows on camera. Don’t be afraid of laughing too. A full on belly laugh caught on camera is priceless. And believe me, that image will make you laugh every time you look at it. 


Not the easiest of jobs but if you’re comfortable with your photographer it shouldn’t be hard to just carry on with your day. Look at each other as you say your vows, not the camera. The emotion completely shines through onto your photos. 


This doesn’t mean stand as stiff as a board, but it does mean don’t slouch. Head up, stomach in and shoulders back but relaxed. And, when sitting, during the speeches, perch yourself on the edge of the chair and drop your knees slightly. This will help to correct your posture (and stop your boobs from spilling out of your dress). 


This applies to various body parts! Get used to posing in front of the mirror and see which is your best side. Tilt your head on an angle and lower your chin slightly. This will give your jaw line definition and help reduce a double chin.  Have a look at this link for a brilliant way of reducing your jaw line http://laughingsquid.com/the-disappearing-double-chin-trick-for-portrait-photography/

Also, holding your bouquet about 10-15 cms in front of you, level with your belly button, is another great way of slimming your arms. 


This is an absolutely great little tip. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and watch any double chins move up. Remember this during any ‘posed’ photos where you are not required to smile - it’s a bit hard to do both!

And finally, love and accept yourself for who you are. Your partner does... so should you!"

DJ Archer Photography are husband and wife team Danny and Lizz Archer, find out more about why they believe they have the best job in the world on their website http://djarcherphotography.co.uk/ 

All images used with permission of DJ Archer Photography.


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