The Blushing Bride That Doesn't Want To Wear White

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By Rebecca Lord-Lyon, owner of Edith & Winston Bridalwear.

Here at Edith & Winston Bridalwear, hanging on my rail, is a vanilla coloured gown. It’s one that no-one ever picks to try on first time round -- it’s the gamble dress. This dress, with an ivory lace overlay and beaded waistband, stands out like a sore thumb.

But this dress is, in fact, our best seller. She is a beauty, and one of the most flattering of the designs in my boutique that is perfect for the fuller figured bride. Yet this gown is never anyone’s first choice to try on. Why? It could be because, sitting amongst a sea of ivory gowns, she is deemed far too bright a shade and too unusual.

Brides walk past this gown time and time again, and I find myself asking “Will you let me pick a gown for you to try? You might be surprised.” More often than not, brides end up falling in love with a coloured gown after trying her on.

When champagne, blush and vintage coloured gowns are worn, they look completely different to when they are hung on a rail. It could be your hair colour, skin tone or the way ivory lace delicately appliqued on top, complements the champagne coloured satin. Everyone can wear a coloured gown, if they want to.

On your big day, a vanilla gown will not look out of place as you won’t necessarily be standing next to a rail of ivory gowns! And if your loved one is wearing ivory, the colours will complement each other.

The biggest fear factor that stops brides choosing a coloured gown is – what will my parents think? Or that is one of the comments we hear most often from our brides.

But, once upon a time, wedding dresses weren’t ivory or white. They were the best fabrics that your family could afford, or you wore your best Sunday dress. Most of the gowns that you see in our collections also come in ivory and white, so if you like the design but not the colour you can still choose this gown as your wedding dress.

But what about a shade of blue or pink floral patterns? Every year brides are getting braver with their choices and what they see on the catwalks is arriving in boutiques all over the country. It’s your big day, and you should wear whatever style or colour that you want. If you fall in love with the dress on the cover of a magazine, but think that you aren’t brave enough – go and try it on, you never know!

Never dismiss a gown based on the colour of the sample – you might be in for a surprise!

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