The Bridal Bouquet

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The bridal bouquet is probably the second most important statement at a wedding (second only to the bride of course!)

Choosing the style of the arrangement and selecting the flowers is one of the most exciting elements when planning a wedding; it gives the bride the freedom to experiment with colour themes and to be as bold and exciting as she wants to be. It’s a great way to express herself; she carries it down the aisle with her, it accentuates her beautiful gown and it appears on most wedding photographs.

It was the Greeks who began the tradition of initially wearing wedding flowers as a garland. Bouquets were then created from these garlands which would also commonly contain garlic to ward off evil spirits and aromatic herbs to add fragrance. Over time, flowers would become the mainstay of the bouquets; and then many flowers would have a ‘meaning’ with specific flowers being chosen to convey messages of love. It was the Victorians who were particularly fascinated by the meanings of different blooms, their most popular being the rose which is said to represent true love. The colours also had their own connotations – a red rose symbolised passion, the white rose purity and a pink rose joy.

Centuries ago it was considered good luck to touch the bride and even more so to tear off a piece of the bride’s dress! So, to avoid the upset of a bride having a dress ripped to shreds, the tradition of ‘tossing the bouquet’ was born to provide the guests with a less-intrusive piece of the bride. In more recent times this remains a popular tradition and is thought to offer love, luck & happiness to the friend who catches the bouquet – going so far as to say that this friend will be the next in line to be married.

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