The Live Piano Experience

The Live Piano Experience

The Live Piano Experience provides 3 unique musical services to help make your special day stand out from the rest. 

1) Romantic instrumental piano music by Liz Hendry - Performing on our elegant, portable white baby grand pianos the beautiful Liz has a vast repertoire of well known tunes including ballads/love songs, light jazz, show tunes, pop music and of course the essential traditional wedding pieces - particularly her lovely rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Add a touch of romance and class. 

2) Piano & Vocals by Mark Hendry - with 15 years of international Piano entertainment experience and a repertoire spans from the 50s to today, Mark is the perfect light entertainment to keep your guests engaged on your special day. Singing all your special love songs through to something more up beat for your guests - also using our unique White baby grand piano. 

3) Duelling Piano Show - looking for LIVE BAND? Imagine a band with a seemingly endless repertoire - with Piano, bass, LIVE drums, guitars, brass section and more, Our high tech equipment and on stage dynamic delivers just that! Up to 3 hours of live music - Non stop party - high energy, fun for your wedding reception. We have a vast repertoire of hits from 50’s to the present day and put request slips on all your tables so we know exactly what your guests want to hear. When we play your crowd want to dance - simples! 

Free DJ included between LIVE sets - saving you money and keeping the party going!